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Carlo Colombo has reinterpreted a historic Rossana kitchen model from the 1960s, defining this new project as "a thought linked to art".
The Isøla kitchen appears as a single block but was not created to be a single piece of furniture. Instead, it was designed as an actual architectural structure made up of shapes, details and materials that intersect one another to form a coherent whole that communicates with the rest of surrounding environment. Isøla can easily be placed in an open space, due to its ability to interact with the space around it and adapt perfectly to the rest of the furnishing scheme.

In this project, we find a strong aesthetic and functional component that plays on empty and full volumes in a series of operative areas that can be combined in a myriad of unusual and unexpected ways. The composition and choice of materials are the fulcrum of this new Rossana project: marble parts combine with areas in solid wood and steel to form an authentic "piece of functional art".

Designer: Carlo Colombo

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