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Carlo Colombo, the Designer of Isøla

Carlo Colombo was born in 1967 in Brianza and, after getting his degree in architecture from the Politecnico di Milano, he began an important career that brought him to be one of the most influential architects and designers in the world.
He has worked with the most important Italian design manufacturing companies since the outset of his career, and has made all kinds of furniture. At the same time, he also provides consulting services for companies, and manages the artistic aspects of the brands that he works with.

Carlo Colombo not only makes products for the design sector. He also works in the architectural sector. One example of this was his 2009 victory in an international contest to design the two multifunctional towers in Abu Dhabi. Since 2011, he has taught design at the De Tao Masters Academy in Beijing. During his career as an architect and designer, Carlo Colombo has won many awards, including “Designer of the Year” in 2004.

The collaboration between Carlo Colombo and Rossana has produced Isøla, a kitchen which evolved from the reinterpretation of the famous Isola by Giancarlo Iliprandi, on display at the MoMa in New York and considered a “design classic”. Carlo Colombo took the original 1960s project apart and then put it back together, adapting it to the needs of modern life and fitting together shapes, functions and materials.

Rossana has always paid particular attention to the choice of raw materials and research into details, and for this reason, Carlo Colombo tried to create a kitchen that was not only a furnishing element, but an actual architectural element made up of details, proportions and materials that work together to form a unique multifunctional project. The Isøla kitchen does not have a back or front. It appears to be a monoblock with a personality that can adapt and blend into the surrounding space. Carlo Colombo paid careful attention to the lines, shapes and materials that form the entire island in a painstakingly studied, coherent design that can perform the functions it was designed for in the best possible way.

With Isøla, Carlo Colombo decided to pay tribute to the previous project by adapting it to contemporary living needs. This makes it possible to create a complete kitchen even in very small spaces. Isøla can be adapted to fulfil different functions: kitchen, dining table and modular living room wall - all customisable with the different Rossana materials and to be outfitted with the accessories provided by the brand.